The Trapeze marquees are very adaptable and with our selection of accessories can be customised to suit specific needs.


Chairs - our standard chair is a white bistro chair but we are able to source banqueting and chevalier style chairs in a range of colours at competitive rates if required. Bistro chairs can also be covered with lycra covers and organza bows for added impact.

For more informal seating, we supply rattan furniture to help create a relaxed “chill out” area, bean bag cubes and bar stools which work very well with our poseur bar tables.For younger guests we can also supply wooden high chairs.


Tables - we have wooden tables with metal folding lets in a selection of sizes.
6ft round - to seat up to 12 guests
5ft round - to seat up to 10 guests
4ft round - to seat up to 8 guests
3ft round - cake celebration table
6ft trestle table - to seat up to 6 guests. Ideal for serving food and drink from.
Poseur Bar Tables are an excellent addition to your dance and bar area. Aluminium and chrome construction, these modern poseur tables create a party bar area where guests can stand and talk around. (H 1130mm x W 700mm).


Bars - Choice of bars to help organise your drinks at your event. 5ft Stainless steel bar with led lights, LED light up white plastic bar and our premium Barlock LED Curved Bar that makes a great centre piece (2 make a semi circle bar).
There is also a range of LED white light up bar tables, stools and cubes.


Carpet - Available in charcoal or sea green. Carpet gives the marquee a professional finish and saves the ladies stilletos!

Dance Floor - A choice of solid black dance floor with an amazing shine, measure 16x16ft or brown dance floor measuring 15x15ft. Both lock safely together to create presence and a segregated dance floor

Stage - Wooden platform for staging bands, DJ’s, entertainers or dancers. Each blocks measure 8’x4’x1’ and can be put together to create a larger platform. A standard stage will require 4 blocks or for larger bands, 6 blocks. Supplied with black curtain surround.


Uplighters - The uplighters are placed in each corner of the marquee to light it up giving the marquee a feel of elegance. The uplighters are made from stainless steel and they come with weather proof connections to comply with latest safety regulations.

Pealights - Pealights or fairy lights are small LED white lights placed around the arches for decorative lighting to give your marquee the “wow” factor.