30 x40 joined with a 20×30 Trapeze
Trapeze window wall rolled up
Interior of 30x40ft Trapeze joined with tables laid with silver banqueting chairs
Exterior of 6 30x40ft Trapeze marquees joined together
Exterior of 6 30x40ft Tapreze joined together
Trapeze interior – entrance, rattan and bar
Inside a Trapeze bar area showing rattan, bar stools and poseur bar tables and pea lights around arches
Shows 2 30x40ft Trapeze joined with window walls
An open 20x30ft Trapeze in the sunset – stunning silhouette!
3 30x40ft Trapeze joined in an L shape at night
Dining inside the Trapeze at night
Country setting for a 20×30 Trapeze
Ibiza White Party
Wedding Vow Ceremony inside a Trapeze
Open sided ceremony
Fist Dance on the Brown Dance Floor
Wedding reception
Selfie time!
Black Dance floor and 2 5ft Bars inside Trapeze
Wedding Reception
Music inside a Trapeze
30x40ft joined with a 20x30ft Trapeze
Light up Cubes
Cool lighting and partying inside Trapeze
Cool DJ Set with light up Cubes inside 30x40t Trapeze
Double LED Barlok Premium Curved Bar
Single Barlok LED Premium Curved Bar
30x40ft Trapeze in amongst the flowers
Rattan and open sided Trapeze
Beautiful Wedding Setting. 30×40 joined with 20×30 Trapeze
Open Sided Trapeze
Single 30x40ft Trapeze
Fitted cloth on Poseur Bar Tables with Bar Stools
Wedding Recetion inside Trapeze
A Happy Couple
Wedding Top Table
Beautiful Country Wedding
Top Table inside Trapeze
Partying inside a Trapeze
Wedding Table laid inside 30×40 Trapeze
Outside the Trapeze
Nightime outside the Trapeze
Trapeze joined together
The “Royal” family inside a Trapeze marquee
Two 30x40ft Trapeze marquees joined with seating area, rattan furniture, bar and dance floor
Three Trapeze marquees joined in an L shape
Two 30x40ft Trapeze marquees joined end on
Night image of marquees
Dance and Eat inside the Trapeze