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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Trapeze Marquees have Guy Ropes?
No, Trapeze marquees are a tension marquee that do not require guy ropes (so no tripping hazards!). The marquee is ratcheted to make it drum tight.

Do I have to put carpet in the marquee?
No you don’t have to have any flooring inside e the marquee - grass is fine if this is the look you want, just make sure it is cut nice and short. However if the ground is particularly soft because of recent rain or particularly uneven we would probably recommend it to prevent your guests from sinking into the ground or tripping

Do Trapeze Marquees have linings?
Trapeze marquees are as stunning from the inside as they are outside. They have clean lines and fresh white sides so there is no need for linings to hide an ugly structure.

How long can I have the marquee for?
Generally we will put the marquee up on either the Thursday or Friday before a Saturday event and take down on the Monday or Tuesday. Officially the hire is for 24hrs but it always works out much longer. We will try our hardest to work with you preferred dates (although we do have to take the weather into consideration!).

Can I decorate the marquee?
The Trapeze marquees are a blank canvas and once the fairy lights are in place around the arches, you can decorate with bunting, paper lanterns, flowers etc. We just ask that you don’t stick anything to the actual marquee.

How high are the Trapeze marquees?
Clients are always amazed at how tall the Trapeze marquees are when you stand inside them. At the highest, the marquee is just under 15ft (4.3m) high. The central point of the entrance arches is just over 7ft ( 2.2m) high so no need to duck when you enter!

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